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Después de un largo sueño, un espíritu impío ha despertado. Su objetivo, llevar a los seres a una nueva era de corrupción y degeneración.

Deberás luchar con fuerza, persiguiendo, acechando... No puede haber descanso cuando el tiempo está en tu contra.

¿He mencionado que tu eres el espíritu impío?

Esta es la demo del juego. Continuaré trabajando en una versión completa.
Mi deseo es hacer 21 niveles, agregar al menos un nuevo tipo de enemigo, más animaciones de corrupción, y algunas más para purificación.


After a long sleep, an impious spirit has woken up. Its objective, to take the beings to a new era of corruption and degeneration.

You must fight hard, chasing, stalking ... There can be no rest when time is against you.

Did I mention that you are the impious spirit?

This is the demo of the game. I'll keep working on a complete version.
My wish is to have 21 levels, add another kind of enemy, at least, more corruption animations, and some more for purification.

Updated 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Tags2D, android, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Mouse only, Short, Singleplayer, windows, Yaoi


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Version 3
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add some piss here please

I could be done. I'll need some time since I am working in the spiritual sequel of the game. Less clicks, more sneak and with some help in the graphics.
Plus I got a 9-6 work, so I'll be a bit slower to make things.

I'll let you know when the update is on.

Interesting game. Though I will say that using the mouse for it was kind of odd. Especially since rapidly tapping on your mouse is probably bad for the hardware. 

For future games I would also suggest rewarding the player after they completing milestones. Seeing as how this game allows you to play any level you want, it's not a huge deal. But in future games you may want to add a level unlock system, in which case it'll be necessary for the player to get something out of it.

Regardless, it'll be interesting to see where you go from here.

Thanks a lot for the comment.

Agree with you about the tapping on the mouse, even worse when the NPCs notice you since they put a lot more effort against the corruption.

It could be nice to have a more "mouse" friendly version, (keysecuences maybe).

Some ideas were left behind on the making, like a gallery for the "corruptions", I must admit it is my first try to make a game and still need more knowledge and experience.

They say "second parts are never good", yet maybe I can make a second one with this idea, using more "standar" controls, and with the whole ideas I had for this game (I was thinking about a more sneaky game, with places to hide and ambush).

Thanks again, and hope you enjoy my other try of game too, the shooter Xiuhomolpilli (Tie new years), based upon a couple of beliefs from the aztec culture.

I am working on an edit for the pc version so you can use both, the mouse button and the left control key to add corruption to the bar. I'll upload it as soon as possible. Thanks again for the comment.

The update with the LControl or mouse button is ready.

Me gustaría recibir los comentarios de aquellos que han descargado y probado el juego. Me ayudaría mucho . Gracias.

Ya está creado los niveles 6 y 7, espero subir la actualización el fin de semana.

I'd love to read comments from you, who have download and test the game. I'd help me a lot. Thanks.

Levels 6 and 7 are ready, I hope to upload the update on the weekend.

Agregando un nuevo tipo de personaje "Enemigo". Un virginal ser que te perseguirá al verte. Se mueve más rápido, y tiene mejor vista que los NPC normales.

Adding a new kind of character "Enemy". A virginal being that will chase you on sight. Moves faster, and has a better sight line than normal NPC .

(1 edit)

El enemigo es funcional, y ya tiene una animación al chocar con el "héroe". Ahora puedo agregar más animaciones de corrupción, más animaciones de final para los NPC, y claro, más niveles y animaciones de "conversión". Subiré la actualización pronto. Voy a agregar al menos 2 niveles más.

The enemy is functional now, and it has an animation when it collides with the "hero". Now I can add more corruption animations, more finishing animations for the NPC, and of course, more levels and "convertion" animations. I'll upload  the update soon. I'll add at least 2 more levels.